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Working Mom Madness: Signs of GOOD Parenting!

What? You are confused? You thought this was going to be about good parenting and it starts with a batter bowl in the middle of the floor with macaroni and cheese.

I have a confession…

I feed my kids highly processed blue boxed macaroni and cheese. And they like it. They even know it takes 11 minutes in the microwave.

It started way back in college.

I think the tradition will live on with mini me…

 Seriously, who needs to to dirty another dish. Just eat out of what you cooked in!

 And yes, she is watching TV while she eats. I told you this was signs of GOOD parenting.

 Don’t believe the clock. I haven’t moved it back an hour. It is only 7:40 p.m. when she is eating her extremely well balanced meal.

I left dessert up to her.

I just can’t help myself.

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  1. Every parent has some "good" parenting moment that they will never admit to. Congrats for sharing.

    Also…fluff at Wal-Mart? Really? I've only ever seen the marshmallow creme (cream) in the store. Totally going to look next time.

  2. sometimes I feed my kids ramen noodles for dinner.
    I love the photos.

  3. Beverly@Beverly's Back Porch says:

    If that's the worse thing you do I think you are a 5 star mom. Little precious Princess In Training looks pretty happy and healthy to me.

  4. Hey, as long as everyone lives on to the next day, it is a good meal. There are some nights I am not too sure we ALL will make it!

  5. We love "Kraft Dinner"! And there is no way I would take a pic of my floor like you did – my kids eat on the floor but mine is not anywhere near that clean!!

  6. The Wife of a Dairyman says:

    My daughter loves mac and cheese, she's a carb girl like her mommy:) What a cutie you have!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is awsome! No, it's not the same as homemade, but, in moderation, it is fine. IF that is the worst thing any of us do to our kids, I think we will be okay.

  8. I always keep a couple boxes of mac and cheese in the pantry. It's a "go to" on hurriedly crazy days! A little mac and cheese does the body good! Hang in there during wild travel. Miss you!

  9. I tried to make the real mac and cheese for my son once….and he politely refused it. He was accustomed to the blue box and wasn't about to change his ways. :0)

    Thanks for sharing! She's precious!

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