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Wordless Wednesday: Beauty is Painful

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  1. What a beautiful girl! I bet those are some pretty kissable cheeks!
    I love her outfit…a new fashion statement and she's sportin' those boots pretty well!

  2. The Wife of a Dairyman says:

    Oh my! Those LONG eyelashes!

  3. My two acres says:


  4. Rajean B. says:

    My momma used to say, "it hurts to be beautiful" whenever I would complain that she was pulling too hard on my hair as she was combing it!

    Love the pictures!

  5. kt moxie says:

    *Love* the outfit. The boots are great, and I love the giraffe print!

  6. Farmchick says:

    LOL! Love those boot!

  7. Aren't we the fashion forward-thinking diva? Dare to be who you are and express yourself! Too cute. Love the beauty mark pics! I have one like her too, and they will make our hairdressers very happy in the years to come! ;-)

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