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Wordless Wednesday: Planting time

You might have read about my soil prepping for my raised bed garden. Check it out if you haven’t over at the Indiana Family of Farmers blog. We got the garden planted this weekend. Captured some great memories.

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  1. Leontien says:

    whoohoo looking good! You seem to be doing the: "Let's grow something together" thing really well!!!


  2. Can your crew come on up and help me get my act together?!?! I''m not sure a garden is in our cards this year. I'm just hoping we get the big fields planted in May!

    Great job! You are not just planting vegetables; you are planting character and tradition! :-)

  3. Farmchick says:

    Great pics. I love those red fingernails.

  4. So much fun and great captures! Good luck.

  5. We have had plenty of rIn to grow a garden. I like the raise bed thought about going that way.

  6. How fun! I bet your kids are going to love watching that garden grow!

  7. I didn't know there were farmers out there who planted corn from a little seed packet… Happy Gardening. Part of ours was planted April 3rd and most of the rest of it was planted this past Mon.

  8. May your garden grow rich and beautiful!

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