A year of firsts

 First day of Kindergarten.
 First day of preschool.

 First face painting.
First earrings. 
 First big girl bike ride.
 First tooth lost.
 And second tooth lost.
 First indoor kitty.
 First 4-wheeler.
 First trip to Disney World.
 First time meeting real princesses.
 First best friend.
  First time tying shoes.
First Christmas program.
First trip to Napa.


  1. Emily @Zweber Farms says

    What a fun reel of "first" pictures!! Now you need to give me hints on how to get the first shoes tied ;)

  2. Vicki V @ blestnest.blogspot.com says

    Enjoy these days–they fly by! I have 2 teens and I'm wondering where the last 8 years went. Once they're in middle school, time goes at warp speed.

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