Candy Pizza – Cooking with Kids Recipe

My kids love helping in the kitchen. My children, genetically are predestined to love, LOVE chocolate. Throwing in some peanut butter, and they might just overdose. This candy pizza with a sugar cookie dough crust was so much fun to make and eat.

Start with sugar cookie dough. Either a refrigerator type or powder mix type that is around 16 ounces. If you are making it from a mix, make as directed on the package. We used Betty Crocker’s Sugar Cookie Mix.

Once the cookie dough is made, or pulled from the fridge, spread it out on a 12 inch pizza pan.

Great fun for little fingers, but it did require some mom help.

Bake for 10 minutes on 375.

Mix together one 14 ounce can of sweet and condensed milk and 2 cups of chocolate chips over a medium low heat in a small sauce pan.

Stir until melted completely.

Pour over baked cookie and spread out evenly.

Top with about a cup and a half of peanut butter M & M’s and marshmallows, each.

Make for about 4 minutes until marshmallows are toasted.

Cut into wedges and enjoy!

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  1. Lana says

    Sinful but wonderful! Ca't be all bad if little angels made it ;-) Gonna have to get the girls in the kitchen this summer and start "learnin'" them how to cook. Maybe they will like food more if they make it. Have a great weekend!

  2. Georgia Girls says

    Oh, ny! That looks like way too much fun and dangerous, too (to people who think about calories — but kids don't so…it's all good :)

  3. adam tylor says

    This recipe is really simple,healthy and fun to make.Even perfect when you are in a hurry to make dessert to put on the table for guests.I`m sure pizza lover loves this idea 

  4. BrattyKat says

    We make it in out house and call it dessert pizza. There are a few of the smaller pizza places that still use plan brown boxes. I have used those when sending my son over to friends house for dinner. They all love it.

    I will have to try the sugar cookie crust though, we use chocolate chip cookie dough.

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