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Working Mom Travels, what I left at home…

A really messy fridge. I hope my children don’t get hurt from falling food or drink.

These damn cookies from Aldi’s. Mainly because I already ate them all!!!!

Two incredibly cute kids, sleeping all night.

Did I mention Boo sang at church Sunday? He was so cute.

But no fear, I have adult supervision while I am gone…Just ask Megan.

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  1. I do think it would be fun to tag along in your suitcase. Hope it's sunny where you are headed! AND warm!

  2. Looks like Megan maybe up to no good. Or she could get real happy just sayin

  3. Farmchick says:

    Looks like my fridge!

  4. Chaney says:

    Oh I LOVE Aldis all their yummy little treats!

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