1. Leontien says

    hihihi I just to LOVE finding little baby mouse when we were young. They were soooooo soft!


  2. The Durrer Family says

    I just had a full body shiver! LOL Our little guy is suddenly obsessed with trying to catch a lizard, he's going to flip the first time he "breaks a tail off" of one! And I'm going to flip when living creatures start finding their way into our house! Good luck to you and your little fuzzies!

  3. Polish Mama on the Prairie says

    Awwww! How cute! I know, I know. They are mice, but they are widdle iddle biddy babies. :)

    Great lesson for the kids why not every baby and animal is cute and about diseases from them. lol At least they aren't rats, right? *shudder*

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