Mission Accomplished: Boo Rides the Country Roads

 Finally, Boo can ride his bike without training wheels. I was beginning to think he would be 12 like his dad was when he finally was able to take his training wheels off his bike. The poor red heeler has something to herd again. For entertainment value, I am sharing this video also. My darling [...]

Hunk of Meat Monday: Pepsi Pork Chops

This week I am lucky enough to have a fellow Real Farmwife filling in for Hunk of Meat Monday. I bring you Sarah from This Farm Family’s Life. Be sure to check out her blog for other great recipes and learn a little bit about their farm and family. Hello Beyer Beware readers! Leah has [...]

Working Mom Fall Fashion

Last week when I spewed my working mom advice, I mentioned about having clothes that you feel good in. I got a couple of comments and emails from women who mentioned they were struggling in this area. So, I decided I needed to go online shopping for you all to let you in on a [...]

Olive Garden knock-off bread sticks with Red Star Yeast

I am little, tincy, wincy bit obsessed with bread. I blame bread and french fries for the reason I can’t lose weight. Well, it isn’t really their fault, it is really my inability to have self control in the presence of bread and fries that is the problem, but I digress…I bring you Olive Garden [...]

Power to the L – Love for Leontien


Cancer sucks. It has taken so many people too early in their lives. I am sure everyone has been touched by cancer through friends or family. And now cancer is hitting close to home again for one of our Real Farmwives and Friends. I met Leontien after she moved to Indiana from the Netherlands to follow her [...]

Advice to New Working Moms

As the movie “I Don’t Know How She Does It” comes out this Friday, I am reminded of how, well, naive, I was to the whole world of working momma. Heck, I was clueless as to what was going to happen during delivery and seeing animals born on the farm should have been a clue [...]

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