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How to tell if a soccer goalie is bored?

For some reason boo really wants to play goalie all the time in his U8 soccer games. But, sometimes I don’t think he has the attention span for it.

Good game going on Boo? Ready to stop the goal?

He started a little more attentive.

Things were exciting down at the other goal for a while. A short while.

But then he noticed something on his show.

And all the activity remained down field.

And he remained paying more attention to the goal post.

But then the action changed directions…

Oh, oh, oh, we are getting closer to the goalie. I hope he isn’t still stuck in the net.

Wake up goalie!

Just a little lean on the goal post as his red teammate intervenes on defense.

And sends it back down field.

Go ahead goalie…assume your position.

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  1. Heather @ 3 kids and lots of pigs says:

    Too funny. We didn't get goalies until U10. They are a bit more attentive, but not always.

  2. Love this! J just started playing in the YMCA & he was so funny. He was great when they were at his end, but when they were stuck at the other end in all their 3-yr-old mobbing of the ball skills – I had to keep redirecting him… :)

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