Things I have never done

I know it is shocking to think there is actually something I haven’t done! Mamas Losin’ It has her writing workshop again today and this topic spoke to me. It was of course inspired by the PW.

I am thirty-one. And a half. Yikes.

I have never:

1. Went skydiving

2. Been to Mexico

3. Pierced my tongue

4. Read the bible all the way through

Source: via Leah on Pinterest

5. Had a C-section

6. Shot an animal hunting

7. Drove a combine

8. Met the Pope

9. Been to Nebraska

10. Attended Purdue as a student

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

11. Been a juror

12. Owned a ford

13. Sang a solo

14. Had black hair

15. Been to Hawaii

16. Gone to India

17. Been on a mission trip

18. Had twins

19. Been a girl scout

20. Cheered for the Hoosiers

21. Mowed my yard completely:)

22. Wrote a cookbook

Source: None via Kay on Pinterest

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  1. May says

    We have the skydiving and the no pope in common on our lists. But Nebraska…I am there at least once a year. It is so funny to see what popped into people's heads on these lists.

  2. Robyn says

    Good list Leah! It crossed my mind to do one too.

    As a Nebraskan (born and raised)I feel bad you have never visited our great State. But, as my Hubby would say NO ONE LOVES Nebraska as much as a Nebraskan and there is nothing to see there anyway. Debatable?

  3. Lana says

    Let's see, We will both be able to cross off #15 in a few months, and that sounds especially good on a day like today. I have never done #1 and don't plan on it. I have done #s 2,6,7,9, 13 and 21. I did put a family cookbook together for a family printing. Does that count? You should try really try 21; it's my therapy!

  4. Arnebya says

    Except for 5 and 12, I'm right there with ya. If you had the opportunity, and could do one of the things from the list, what would you choose?

  5. Aimee @ says

    Hi, Leah. Skipped over here to check out your blog and concluded you're my kind of gal! Glad to be connected.

    Now for the list… I was a brownie so that ruins me for #19 if it counts as girl scout experience. BUT I've never owned a mini van. How many moms can say that?!

  6. Heather @ 3 kids and lots of pigs says

    Great list. I'm so glad you will get to knock Hawaii off your list. I just wish I was going with you.

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