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How to get great family photos

So, you are contemplating getting pictures taken but just don’t know if it worth the time and money? Well, I think you need to every few years just so you have something to remember you all by. If you are like me you have tons of photos but none with you in them. I wanted some pictures with my kids.

My advice, start with a great photographer who is great with kids. And we hit the jack pot folks. Angela Jackson Photography, out of Columbus, Indiana, met us one evening with her teenage daughter, Shelby, in tow. Thank goodness too. She not only helped her mom with props and lens changes and lighting but also with kid entertainment and smiles.

Take a look for yourself at the final results…

Now, sometimes the kids’ behavior can be less than desirable and involve tears, pouting and refusal to smile. At this point, don’t be afraid to bribe for the sake of beautiful pictures.

The clothes…came from mainly two places. My outfit is entirely from the Buckle with boots from Nine West. The hubbies jeans and t-shirt are from the Buckle and his button down shirt is from Gap. The kids’s outfits are from the Gymboree Outlet store except from Boo’s jeans which are Lee’s. I had about 72 outfits laid out on my couch for a week trying to decide what matched without looking too matchy. Everyone got a little voting, but of course I had veto powers at all times.

I am not sure how I am going to choose. Most likely I will spend way too much on pictures. But the decision is going to be made this week. So, tell me which poses you like!

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  1. These are awesome – I totally agree on getting family pics – go ahead, spend way too much – they are truly pricesless!

  2. Emily @ Zweber Family Farm says:

    What great family pictures!! Does it still look like that there? What a beautiful fall day.

  3. Crystal Cattle says:

    Awesome photos! They'll make some great Christmas cards.

  4. Educational Resources says:

    Lovely family, good pictures and awesome photography. :)

  5. Beautiful family photos!

  6. Such great photos! So glad I'm not you and don't have to pick! Although the last one(s) is awesome

  7. LOVE, love, love them!! I'd buy them all :)

  8. Great pictures!
    My family can't manage a sitting for the church directory, so I doubt we could pull that off!

  9. Hirsita Dixit says:

    Lovely picture and awesome photography….Thanks for share this blog!
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