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Gooseberry Patch Slow Cooking All Year Long Giveaway

I am not sure how people function without a crock pot. Let’s be honest, I am not sure how people function with just one crock pot. I have several. Cabinets full of small ones and large ones and medium ones and oval ones and round ones and digital timer ones. I have a broken one too. Imagine my horror when my friend, Jent, informed me she doesn’t own a crock pot. So, I guess she won’t be needing this Slow Cooking All Year ‘Round Cookbook. But I know you all do!!

Slow Cooking All Year RoundThis cookbook has a variety of slow cooking recipes that are ready in an hour or in 10 hours. It is broken down into four main chapters that follow the seasons to help all of us utilize what we have in season. Each chapter includes breakfasts, appetizers, main dishes , sides and even desserts. And luckily it also has an index to help this girl find the right recipe by type of food.

So far I have made a spicy shredded beef for tostadas that of course got my attention when I saw a can of chipotles peppers in adobo sauce in the ingredients.

Slow cooked spicy beefIn the matter of one meal, we were able to form several different creations with the spicy beef. We even topped it on our Mexican mashed potatoes.

Spicy Shredded Beef Mexican CreationsBut the favorite so far might be the last-resort chicken legs. The kids loved the chicken legs. Loved them. And of course with butter, hot sauce and barbecue sauce in the recipe, it was just spicy enough for all of us.

Slow Cooker Chicken LegsI don’t know why, but I feel like I have to eat macaroni and cheese with chicken legs, even if they aren’t fried. And the creamy macaroni and cheese recipe is the perfect recipe for a family on the go all the time. It only takes an hour to make. Perfect to through in the crock pot before you take the kids to practice and is ready when you get home. Be still my heart…

Slow Cooked Macaroni and CheeseExcited about this book yet? Well if you aren’t, check out the easy taco soup my friend, Cris made. Or better yet, the very first recipe in the book is Christmas Egg Brunch from Amy over at a latte with Ott, A.

So, what are you waiting for now? Register to win the Slow Cooking All Year ‘Round Cookbook already!
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Gooseberry Patch sent me two copies of this cookbook to cook out of one and share one with my readers. Affiliate links were also used.

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  1. Love, love, LOVE this book. And those drumsticks are killer ;)

  2. I love using my crock pot especially for steel cut oats!

  3. I love to make chili and soups in my crockpot. This cookbook looks fabulous!

  4. apple blossom says:

    Mac and Cheese looks yummy

  5. Jenny Vandeburg says:

    I am trying to test a new crock recipe every week to build up a repretoire of menu options, because frankly, I am sick, sick, sick, of derving the same 5 meals. At least that’s what it feels like! This would be a perfect way to help with this project!

  6. I’m just a one crock-pot gal, but I think I’d really like to win this cookbook!

  7. I also have about 5 crock pots of different sizes and I’m always looking for new ideas. Mac & Cheese looks really yummy!

  8. Debbie Caraballo says:

    I also love my crockpots! I have 3 and continually find more I want. Also LOVE the GBP cookbooks, and it would be so awesome to win this one.

  9. My favorite crockpot meal is pork roast with onions and carrots. :)

  10. I like making shredded beef in the crock pot.

  11. Oh my gosh… I want I want I want! Can’t wait to try everything! Thanks for the great giveaway~

  12. My fav. thing to make in my crock pot is chicken and dumplings!

  13. D Eubanks says:

    Hope I win! I need this book! I haven’t used a crockpot in years. :)

  14. Looking for some need ideas. Hope I win!

  15. Melissa T. says:

    I love making recipes with chicken in my crock pot.

  16. Jane Curtis says:

    Anything. Scandinavian Dill Pot Roast, Chicken Stroganoff, Soup

  17. My favourite thing to make in my crockpot is pulled pork

  18. Jessica W says:

    I love throwing frozenchicken in the crockpot in the morning to use that evening to make chicken casseroles, pot pie, tacos, or chicken and dumplings. The crockpot does most of the work!

  19. Andrea D. says:

    I love having soups made in the crockpot especially Chicken Tortilla Soup. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  20. I love to fix a big pot of Taco Soup or roast with potatoes and carrots in the crockpot.

  21. I love to make BBQ pulled pork. YUM!

  22. Roast potatoes and carrots!

  23. Michele Menefee says:

    Favorite crock pot thing is chili. Yummy! :)

  24. My favorite thing to make in the crock pot is ham and beans.

  25. Patricia Hill says:

    I love my slow cooker. I love making pulled pork in it.

  26. I have several crock pot of various sizes that I use. I make beef stew, breakfast oatmeal , corn on the cob and desserts.

  27. My favorite things to make in a crock pot is Slow-Cooker Beef and Vegetables and Pulled Pork

  28. Joyce Best says:

    Cube steaks in a rich brown gravy. Yum.

  29. Margot S. says:

    My favorite thing to make in the crockpot is Chicken Curry.

  30. Beef stew and chuck roast

  31. Stefanie Gladden says:

    my favorite feature would have to be the The Wave Sensor! so awesome!

  32. Stefanie Gladden says:
  33. I love roast and potatoes!

  34. I like to cook an assortment of chicken recipes

  35. I love to make spaghetti sacue in the crock pot…but I really like to make anything that will work. Life is SO much easier using it.

  36. I love using my crock pot and am always looking for new recipes!

  37. Catherine Taylor says:

    i am using my crockpot daily and would like this cookbook

  38. Right now it is brown sugar carrots-so easy and I don’t know why I haven’t done it before. Cut up carrots, throw a little brown sugar on top, a little water, and cook until soft-so yummy.

  39. I love to make soups in the crock pot.

  40. I love making dips and appetizers in the crock pot.

  41. Pulled Pork for sure!

  42. I love these cookbooks! Have several in print and several on my Kindle Fire! Slow cooking is the best way to get dinner ready and get lots more done every day!!

  43. Teresa Lam says:

    I have a bunch of slow cooker cook books one of my fav’s is from Gooseberry Patch!!

  44. Rebecca A says:

    I have a crockpot lasagna recipe that I love!

  45. Kelly Marriott says:

    I love making all kinds of food in my crockpots but my favorite is cabbage rolls!

  46. Pot roast!

  47. Beef roast with potatoes & carrots!

  48. jeff rothrock says:

    chuck roast

  49. Would love to try some of these! I love using my crockpot!

  50. Linda Dietz says:

    Favorite thing to make is…any kind of soup!

  51. I’m always looking for more recipes for my crockpot. This would be a great addition to my cookbooks!

  52. Two of my favorite slow cooker recipes are White Chicken Chili and Cheeseburger Potato Soup.

  53. Love making White Chicken Chili in our crockpot! Also, Christmas Wassail from another Gooseberry Patch cookbook!

  54. Love having a roast in the crock pot!!

  55. Crystal Herring says:

    I love my crock pots/slow cookers! I actually have (3) of them! I love to try out new recipes too!

  56. Jane Reeves says:

    I love using my crock pot. Would love to win this books.
    Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  57. I love making pot roast, carrots, and potatoes most of all in the crockpot. I own 9 crockpots and have used all of them for family reunions!

  58. Jennifer Springer says:

    I love chili, taco soup & baked beans in my crock pot!!!

  59. Katherine Oliveira says:

    I am in the market for a crock pot! Hopefully this cookbook will give me a favorite recipe when I get a crock pot! :)

  60. My favorite thing to make in the crock pot? Oh my! That is a hard question to answer! Spicy Chicken wings. Shredded BBQ Chicken for sandwiches. Shredded chicken for tacos. Chicken and Dumplings. The list goes on and on!

  61. Carla Branton says:

    I would so love to have a new cookbook!

  62. Ilene Cento says:

    I love making baby back ribs in my slow cooker. My family loves it and is always asking when I will make it again!

  63. Selina Kuykendall says:

    Fingers Crossed!! Would love to win!

  64. Use my slow cooker LOTS! The last thing I made, just this week, was a big ole pot of Chix Tortilla Soup…we ate on it for 3 cold days! YUM!

  65. Annette Ceravolo says:

    My daughter and I have been using my slow cooker more often lately. This cookbook would be a wonderful addition to my slow cooker cookbook collection. I LOVE GOOSEBERRY PATCH!!!

  66. That mac & cheese looks delicious! I need more inspiration on using my Crockpot & would love to win a copy of your book. I only use it for the standard stuff now: chili, roast, bbq, but not much more. My family’s favorite is when I make bbq :)

  67. millie juenger says:

    Need to use my slow cooker more. My onions are sitting in the upside down lid on top of it in the pantry now. lol

  68. Ginny Franklin says:

    I have 5 different shapes & sizes. Anything I can cook in them is my fav :-)

  69. The shredded beef for tostadas looks awesome and so do the drumsticks!!! Would love to win this book!

  70. Love Gooseberry Patch cookbooks…everything is so yummy!

  71. Janelle DeWitt says:

    I LOVE using my CROCKPOT!!!! & I REALLY LOVE GooseBerry CookBooks!!!

  72. I need this book! I will find my crock pot and try lots of recipes. The mac and cheese looks lovely.

  73. Love me some Gooseberry Patch!! <3

  74. I have been looking for recipes that use the slow cooker I recieved as a wedding present. Right now my favorite thing to make in it is overnight oatmeal.

  75. Tari Millis says:

    My favorite thing to cook in a crockpot would have to be chili. So tasty! Also, I love Gooseberry Patch cookbooks and would love to win this one!

  76. Amy Radlein says:

    My favorite is pot roast with onion soup mix and cream of mushroom soup or a can of beef gravy. The absolute best roast!

  77. Now that I am a retired homeschool mom and new grandma who works full time + most weeks, I have bought my third crock pot. To think I felt a little over the top about having three! I guess I have a ways to go to pass you up! ;-)

    I can use as many ideas as possible, particularly things I can make ahead on Saturday or before for Sunday dinner when some family and friends are usually here for dinner. The leftovers make packing lunches for dh and me pretty easy; then I need more inspiration midweek!

  78. My husband’s beef stew…..

  79. ANN SANCHEZ says:

    My favorite crockpot recipe is my Everything But the Kitchen Sink Slow Cooker Chicken Stew.

  80. With our crazy schedules the crockpot is the way to go. This way I can ensure everyone has a hot meal when they come home whether they come through the door at 5pm or 7pm. I have loved everything that Gooseberry Patch has put out and I’m excited to enter to win this one!

  81. Shredded beef burritos! Nothing better!

  82. I love to make apple pork roast with apples, onions, carrots and potatoes…yummm!

  83. Susan VanDeWalker says:

    My sons wrestle, and we have a team table at the big meets for the boys and families. We share duties and one or 2 crockpot items are always there. I love Gooseberry Patch and think this would be a great cookbook to get some new ideas!!

  84. My favorite thing to make in a crock-pot is pepper roast. My family loves it and my son, who lives away, has learned to make it, too.

  85. I love to make soups in our crockpot. Also, by the way, we have several crockpots too!

  86. Jet Woods says:

    Beef or pork roasts…so tender.

  87. Betty Bennett says:

    I love to make my chili and cook baked taters in the crock pot.

  88. Rhonda Arwood says:

    I have 2 crockpots and just ordered a third! I love them and they sure make life a lot easier! I would love to win the Gooseberry Patch Slow Cooking All Year Round Cookbook!

  89. Beverley Williams says:

    My favorite thing to cook is Beouf Bourguignon

  90. This would help out so much with our busy schedules for delicious meals!

  91. I love Gooseberry Patch and my crock pots. This cookbook would be perfect to win!! Thanks!~

  92. Pulled pork.

  93. Katy Miles says:

    School Night tator tot casserole sounds yummy.

    I’m starting back to work full time starting Feb 4th after being a stay at home Mom for 8 years, and I will need all the help I can get! This book would be perfect for me since I won’t have time to cook anymore.

  94. Jennifer Hawkins says:

    I would be glad to get some more good crockpot recipes. They are so helpful since you don’t have to hover over them.

  95. Jennifer Hawkins says:

    I love to make bbq pulled meat. It can be chicken, pork, beef, or even turkey would be good.

  96. I like to make chicken soup.

  97. Merrilyn R says:

    A pot roast rubbed with garlic powder and then wrapped in aluminum foil is always a crockpot winner in our family

  98. Lillian Lane says:

    I love to put something in the slow cooker and have dinner ready when we are ready for it. I’d love to add to my collectio of slow cooker recipes.

  99. Sharon Young says:

    BBQ pulled pork turns out great in the slow cooker–would love to have a great slow cooker cookbook to try some new recipes!

  100. Working 3 part time jobs leaves little time for home cooking. I rely on quick recipes and mostly slow cooker recipes. This would be a blessing!

  101. I love to make Seven Layer bars in the slow cooker.

  102. Deana Musall says:

    Not so French dips! :)

  103. I’ve never cooked in a crockpot, but I sure do want to start – right after I win this book I so desperately need.

  104. Can’t wait to try the drumsticks!

  105. Sharon Carson says:

    Love to use my crockpot , specially when I have to work. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas. Sharon

  106. extra good mashed potatoes. When I take them to church everyone just love them

  107. Sharon Atkinson says:

    I like to cook a pork roast so that I can make
    barbeque sandwiches


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