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Gooseberry Patch Weeknight Dinners Cookbook – Giveaway

I love this book.

Weeknight Dinners CookbookMaybe it is because it has some great recipes in it for a crazy busy parent like me. It even features my Italian Bread Pizza.

Leah's Italian Bread Pizza

These recipes are quick to make. Like these Italian Steak Sandwiches.

Italian Steak SandwichOr this Speedy Lasagna Skillet. Which I think I might make tonight again.

Speedy Skillet LasagnaOK, maybe my family has an obsission with Italian inspired foods. This book breaks down each day of the week with a theme. Meatless Monday – which is called side recipes in my house, Tex-Mex Night Tuesday, Italian Wednesday, Comfort Food Thursday and Just for Fun on Friday. The index breaks the recipes down by main dishes, sides, breads. Any way you need to find a recipe you can.

But back to the recipes. This hamburger helper knockoff without the box. This cheeseburger macaroni was also a hit.

cheeseburger macaroni

And for cheesy bread lovers, there is no lack of recipes for you in here either. This bread is becoming a staple in our house. I stock up when the bread is on quick sale.

Warm 3 cheese bread

Are you dying to have the Weeknight Dinners Cookbook yet? Then register to win!! And guess what, I am giving away two copies of the cookbook since one of my recipes is included!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway was sponsored by Gooseberry Patch by supplying the books for the giveaway. Pictures of food and opinions on the recipe are all mine.

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  1. Michele Menefee says:

    Baked beans with kielbassi cut up in it. Kind of like beanie weanies. lol

  2. Smoked sausage, potatoes, and cabbage!

  3. grilled cheese with soup or fresh fruit.

  4. Linda Dietz says:

    Been married 40+ years. Ever since year 1, our “go to” meal has been fish sticks & french fries. They are better now than in years past. Husband likes beer battered fish fillets & I make oven fries with fresh potatoes. Hey, he loves them!

  5. Everything looks delicious!!!!!

  6. When I’m in a hurry, I like Campbell’s Clam Chowder soup mixed with a can of evaporated milk. Yummy! I need a cookbook, don’t I?

  7. I want to try them all!

  8. crackers and cheese- or maybe peanut butter- with fruit and a bag of frozen veggies. It’s so sad, but the kids actually love it so it’s win-win!

  9. Spaghetti & meatball soup. Packed with veggies, pasta that we love and the premade sausage balls make it over the top!!!

  10. That cheese bread looks delicious!! I’d love to win this cookbook!

  11. apple blossom says:


  12. I like to make tacos or pancakes.

  13. My go to meal is a shrimp scampi! It doesn’t take long to prepare and my daughter loves it!

  14. spaghetti or tacos

  15. Love it! Love it!

  16. spaghetti and sauce

  17. Debbie Caraballo says:

    My go-to meal is Sloppy Joes. Easy, quick, everyone in our house loves it!

  18. spaghetti w/ angel hair pasta.
    i make a homemade sauce but it only takes 15 mins to make

  19. Andrea D. says:

    My go to meal is chicken nuggets and french fries.

  20. I love Gooseberry Patch cookbooks!

  21. We love spaghetti – sometimes we have meatballs, but usually it’s just good ole fashion home-made pasta sauce.

  22. We love spaghetti – sometimes we have meatballs, but usually it’s just good ole fashion home-made pasta sauce.

  23. Tacos!

  24. Yum! It all looks great!

  25. Lisa Wright says:

    Speedy lasagna skillet

  26. Grilled cheese or grilled ham and swiss

  27. Angie Mackey says:

    Everything looks so good!

  28. Kay Olsen says:

    Would love to win.

  29. chicken nuggets and french fries or whatever we have on hande.

  30. Chili. It’s so versatile, and make a big pot to feed us twice! Next nite, we can have chili dogs, or chili cheese fries, or nachos, or … whatever else we can think of!

  31. william saylor says:

    Spegettii always is a quick dinner.

  32. Burgers! Super easy!

  33. Roast Beef Hash and Beer Bread!!!
    Hash from a can because I work 10 hr. days, but the bread I baked on my day off from this link…. I did read a hint from the original post.. Use Ale instead of beer for a more yeasty, robust flavor. The beer is rather mild and gets lost in eating it with foods like stew or hash.

  34. Fajitas with plenty of carmelized onions and peppers using ground pork with sweet potato fries on the side.

  35. I love spinach and tomato pasta. Quick easy and full of veggies.

  36. Dawn Sterner says:

    I would say it would be hot dogs & tater tots!

  37. Lisa Cummings says:


  38. Linda Schillinger says:

    Love the bread and am a big fan of the cook books. Would love to have this one..

  39. Chicken parm and garlic toast…. I always have some in the freezer for nights that don’t go my way;)

  40. spaghetti or tacos

  41. Leftovers, or hope I have a homemade freezer meal handy! :) Thanks for a great giveaway!

  42. I Play Outside The Box says:

    Scrambled eggs, grits and toast.

  43. Sherry Firestone says:

    Cubed potatoes, onion soip mix, chedder cheese & bacon bits, now to select a meat.. Also fresh pineapple.

  44. Diane Raymond says:

    Looks so good! Can’t wait to try these recipes. Thanks for posting!

  45. Our go to meal is a big salad, like a Chef’s.

  46. spaghetti

  47. Jane Curtis says:


  48. chili dogs!

  49. I love all the recipes ! They look so yummy !

  50. I have opened many a can of maple baked beans and cut up hotdogs into them. With four boys there was never enough time and they were always hungry!

  51. Eggs and toast – fast and tasty!

  52. So proud of you! Can’t wait to try some new recipes from my fave recipe books

  53. Chili Dogs for sure !

    Would sooooo LOVE to win a Goosberry Patch Cookbook !! My all-time favorite !!

  54. spaghetti is our go to meal, but these recipes sound like good alternatives

  55. Maybe salmon patties or salad with rotisserie chicken.

  56. My go to meal is frito pie

  57. susan howard says:

    pot of chili and cornbread

  58. Rebecca A says:

    Hate to admit it, but I pull out the chicken nuggets and tater tots.

  59. tam childers says:


  60. spaghetti!

  61. Pancakes

  62. I take large tortilla chips and spread canned refried beans on them and top with shredded cheddar. We call them “nachos” and the kids love them. I usually have these ingredients on hand so it works when there is no time or nothing else in the house.

  63. Nicki Joseph says:

    I use the rice cooker and bake some chicken! No work.

  64. My go to meal is always baked chicken with stuffing. Easy and the family loves it! Thanks for entering me in the giveaway!

  65. We always keep a jar of spaghetti sauce, noodles and frozen garlic bread in the house so that we can make spaghetti any time.

  66. Love grilled chicken with veggies and salads. Makes up really quick on my grill pan.

  67. Cathy Peterson says:

    Hot dogs – with coney island (chili) sauce I always have some froze. and sweet potato fries

  68. Renee Kern says:

    I can’t wait to try the recipes. I love all things Gooseberry Patch and especially your cookbooks! I would love to win the weeknights one!!!

  69. Tomato Soup Hotdish!

  70. Chicken Noodle Soup with carrots, etc., using canned soup. Baguette on the side.

  71. A three-cheese omelette with extra sharp cheddar.

  72. Breakfast for supper. I fry a few sausage patties, make gravy in the drippings, scramble some eggs and bake a pan of corn bread. Then cut up some tomatoes. We mix it all up in a bowl and enjoy.

  73. Turkey burgers

  74. Maja Austin says:

    Grilled Ham and Cheese with Tomato Soup.

  75. Tammy Dalton says:

    I can’t wait to try any of these recipes all look wonderful!

  76. Kattie DeGeer says:

    When we have a busy week night with no time, our go to meal is grilled cheese with some type of soup.

  77. Shirley Bossbach says:

    I’ve been fixing this since the early 60’s but we called them Pizza Witches.

  78. Sloppy Joes!

  79. I’ll serve this easy Bolognese sauce over whole-grain rotini and add a salad or green beans and call it dinner. We all like it and it’s easy to make. :-)

  80. Kimberly Kocel says:

    Would love to try one of the Gooseberry Patch cookbooks!

  81. I don’t have a weeknight go-to meal… I’m not really a good cook, but I have been branching out and trying to cook more instead of drive-thru… That’swhy I need this book!
    Thanks for the chance!

  82. Lisa Rafac says:

    Cabbage, Kielbasa, with peppers and spicy brown mustard. Polish delight Yummy!!!
    Thank you for the chance to win :-)

  83. I have a few “go to” meals because it seems I never have time anymore. Cereal, nut butter sandwich, soup or frozen pizza. I won’t mention all the drive-thrus. ;D

  84. Yummy!

  85. Jennifer Grimm says:

    The easiest thing is box mac & cheese with tuna and peas

  86. Jennifer Grimm says:

    The easiest thing is box mac & cheese with tuna and peas

  87. Taco salad. Quick easy and two of my favorite things…salsa and sour cream.

  88. I so wish I could afford to get this book. I am glad for the online recipes. Thanks a bundle!

  89. Diane Alexander says:

    Sloppy Joes

  90. Spaghetti and meatballs is my usual go to meal.

  91. I love these cookbooks. I got the slow-cooker one for Christmas, and even my picky hubby loves everything we’ve tried

  92. I make breakfast for dinner when we are short on time or pasta of some kind.

  93. Karen McCall says:

    Hot dogs and fries plus whatever veggie is handy

  94. I make something in the crockpot the morning of a busy evening…..I like to put pork loin in there or chicken breast. Everything always turns out wonderfully!!!!

  95. I sure would love to win this. I work late (long days) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and it sure would be great to have this “go to” cookbook!! Macaroni and cheese or grilled cheese sandwich. No very creative or interesting, I know!

  96. Jennifer Warren says:

    When I have little time to prepare my go to meal is chicken ranch tacos. This is real easy using frozen grilled chicken breast strips, ranch dressing in the bottle, soft tortilla, lettuce and canned tomato’s. And can’t forget about the shredded cheese

  97. Drusilla Smith says:


  98. Cal Bernachi says:

    Rotini pasta with a cream sauce of tuna, spinach and mushrooms, garlic and dill.

  99. paula james says:

    My go to favorites are things like sloppy joes, spaghetti, tacos, or pizza. You know, kid food.

  100. New recipes. New meals for my family.

  101. MARYLEIGH7 says:

    grilled cheese sandwiches with sharp cheddar or mozzarella and tomato soup!!

  102. tracy shinabery says:

    Kielbasa and potatoes is a quick and easy go to meal. I love Gooseberry Patch recipe books!

  103. Linda Wegener says:

    I have spaghettie when I don’t seem to have time to fix anything else.

  104. Meatball subs is my go to!! Yummy all the time!

  105. Tabetha Moore says:

    Great contest! Those recipes look yummy!

  106. Spaghetti and meatballs

  107. Rice with chick peas and crushed tomatos, Quick and delicious!

  108. Recipes look easy and delicious!

  109. For my 84 yr old Dad, Soup-ped up Chicken noodle soup, Mom and Me, Chicken salad with rasins, almonds, rice noodles, romain, fresh broccolli, cauliflour, and chicken from a frozen rotissery chicken.

  110. Irma Hernandez says:

    Spaghetti…fast, easy and good…

  111. Sarah wilson says:

    I love Goose Berry Patch, my 1st book was book #10 Year Round Holidays :0)

  112. I would love to win your cookbook

  113. Who won the cookebooks?

  114. Who won the cook books?

  115. I am really pleased to read this website posts which consists of plenty of useful data,
    thanks for providing such statistics.

  116. Lisa Boyer says:

    My go to is either some type of soup and sandwich or any pasta with a rich meat sauce!


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