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What do farm kids do all summer?

The Girl and Her Dairy Calf

I grew up on a small dairy farm in the era when we still had to physically walk beans to cut weeds. While I loved summer break because that meant county fair, it also meant work. And today I find myself in conversations with friends and parents of my children’s friends about what the kids […]

Is Food From Small Farmers Better? Why #FarmSizeDoesntMatter

Stand for farmers: conventional, organic, big, small. If we stand for living, breathing farmers, we can change the world. #FarmSizeDoesntMatter

Stand for farmers: conventional, organic, big, small. If we stand for living, breathing farmers, we can change the world. #FarmSizeDoesntMatter

Buttery Three Cheese Ham Sandwiches

Buttery Three Cheese Ham Sandwiches

It is not a secret. I have a butter problem. And don’t let that be confused with margarine. Or oleo. Or butter-flavored tub of spread. I love butter. Let me be honest, once you have made homemade butter you never go back. Having grown up with full access to Jersey milk from our cows, cream […]

How growing up on a farm teaches survival skills #FarmsMatte


I have taken for granted what you learn growing up living in the country where power outages happen on a regular basis. As storms ransacked both Illinois and Indiana, I sat in the dark scrolling through my Facebook page reading about how a college friend had lost her house in Illinois. I read about a […]

Butternut Squash Souffle – Day 6 #FarmsMatter

Butternut squash souffle

In the fall all the local farm markets are full of pumpkins and squash. Where I live I am lucky enough to have two farm families who raise produce and multitudes of squash. Every year I think this will be the year I raise my own squash, but by early fall, I am over keeping […]

Hunk of Meat Monday: Spicy Garlic Baked Chicken Legs

Spicy Garlic Baked Chicken Legs

On Day 4 of the 30 days of #FarmsMatter, I am reminded why chicken farms are a gift from God. You see, I grew up gathering eggs at my grandparent’s house. And then butchering said chickens. When the chicken raising ended, I was sure I would never have to butcher a chicken again. WrONg! My […]

Day 2 of #FarmsMatter: Farmers ate local before local was cool


Sometimes when I am alone driving with 800 pounds of beef like I was today after picking up the beef we bought from my brother, I think about how I have bought beef at the grocery store less than five times in my life. Just in case 800 pounds of beef is hard to imagine, […]

30 Days of #FarmsMatter

30 days #farmsmatter

So, my friend, Holly Spangler, is hosting the 30 Days blogging event again this year. Hoping that this year I am a little more successful in hitting publish 30 times in November. This November I am going to go with the #FarmsMatter theme for my post. I am excited to highlight the many reasons why […]

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