Hunk of Meat Monday: Herb Crusted Grilled Pork Loin

garlic and herb crusted grilled pork loin

I love when whole pork loins go on sale for insanely low prices like $1.88 per pound. Especially when pork chops are selling for $3.25 per pound. After all pork chops are just sliced pork loins. I stock up on the pork loin when I hit a sale. In the summer I can get tons… 

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Hunk of Meat Monday: Bacon Burgers

Bacon Stuffed Burgers

I am keeping the pork farmers in business with the amount of bacon we are consuming at our house. We have BLTs once a week. I add bacon crumbles to salads. I always have at least two pounds of bacon in the fridge and who knows how much I have in the two chest freezers… 

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Hunk of Meat Monday: Asian Chicken Kabobs

Grilled Asian Chicken Kabobs

I sort of have to sneak anything that might be remotely close to Chinese food onto the table. So, when I made chicken kabobs, I left off the simple fact that it might be a smidge close to Chinese. I figured I could tell them once they loved them! I made two versions. One with… 

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Hunk of Meat Monday: Beef vs. Pork Burgers

Beef burger patties

Beef seems to be king in burger world. And why shouldn’t it be? Nothing can be beat a 100% beef burger. Except an occasional pork burger. Buy lean meat to prevent burgers from shrinking. Whether it is a beef burger or a pork burger, you want to start with a lean selection of ground meat…. 

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