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What Summer Is Like in Indiana

Farm Windmill

When school gets out don’t we all have all these grand plans. Well, when you are in the country of Indiana this is what ends up happening. You get a puppy. Yes, he is a GoldenDoodle. His name is Moses. We call him Moe. But then, you have to deal with a sad little Checkers. […]

I am Failing as a Mother

swimming practice

Am I alone or do you feel like you buy 742 pairs of socks and instead of having any in your the top dresser door, they are just strewn about begging to be matched up with their long lost soul mate? But instead of matching socks I spend approximately 264 minutes each week running my […]

From Tractor Pulls to Swimming Pools

Boo Swimming 50 M Freestyle

Summer is flying by…between the drought and the activities for the kids, I feel like I need another summer vacation! County fair season is drawing in for a close for us. We have activities at three county fairs between here in Indiana and back home in Illinois. As if I don’t have enough going on, […]

Helping Kids with Friendships, Bullies, and Confidence


Some days I want to be that parent that keeps their kids home so they don’t have to encounter heartache, disappointment, and the pain of growing up. But, then what would I be helping my kids learn if I shelter them from anything that might hurt them. Today was one of those days. As I […]

The Future of India

Those who traveled with me to India already know how enamored I was with the children. They were beautiful. Their faces are etched in my mind. The eyes of these children were intoxicating. The interactions with their own mothers made me miss my babies. You wonder what they are pondering. And wonder just how large […]

The Weeklong 7th Birthday Celebration

Boo turned seven a few weeks back, and I swear to you it felt like we celebrated for a week. No, we did celebrate for a week. Spoiled kid. It started the morning of his birthday. Which I think with the excitement he showed for the two gifts he got from us, we could have […]

How to tell if a soccer goalie is bored?

For some reason boo really wants to play goalie all the time in his U8 soccer games. But, sometimes I don’t think he has the attention span for it. Good game going on Boo? Ready to stop the goal? He started a little more attentive. Things were exciting down at the other goal for a […]

Candy Pizza – Cooking with Kids Recipe

My kids love helping in the kitchen. My children, genetically are predestined to love, LOVE chocolate. Throwing in some peanut butter, and they might just overdose. This candy pizza with a sugar cookie dough crust was so much fun to make and eat. Start with sugar cookie dough. Either a refrigerator type or powder mix […]

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