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7 Awesome Things That Happened This Fall

First Day of School

We have had a big fall. Both kids are in school full time! At the same school! It is the small things in life to get excited about. Both kids played soccer at the exact same time. Literally the majority of Saturdays they played at the same time at fields that were on the opposite […]

I am Failing as a Mother

swimming practice

Am I alone or do you feel like you buy 742 pairs of socks and instead of having any in your the top dresser door, they are just strewn about begging to be matched up with their long lost soul mate? But instead of matching socks I spend approximately 264 minutes each week running my […]

From Tractor Pulls to Swimming Pools

Boo Swimming 50 M Freestyle

Summer is flying by…between the drought and the activities for the kids, I feel like I need another summer vacation! County fair season is drawing in for a close for us. We have activities at three county fairs between here in Indiana and back home in Illinois. As if I don’t have enough going on, […]

Did I shave my legs for this? Big Splash Groupon

Are you one of those people who checks out Groupon on a regular basis but don’t buy much or at least much that puts you out a lot of money? Yeah me too. But when I saw the Groupon deal for the Big Splash Adventure in French Lick, IN I decided it was worth the […]

Redneck Spring Break

What a difference a year makes! We had planned to be basking in the sun of Panama City Beach again this year. Because of my crazy travel to India and then DC for work, I couldn’t afford to be gone again. So, we canceled five days before we were to leave to have the redneck […]

Hunk of Meat Monday: Ranch Oven Fried Chicken Birthday Dinner

In honor of my princess’s birthday, she got to pick dinner out last Monday. She was very, very specific…chicken legs, mashed potatoes, corn and green beans. Gotta baby. Your wish is my command. It is so hard to believe that my baby is 5! Because that means I am on the brink of having two […]

How to get great family photos

So, you are contemplating getting pictures taken but just don’t know if it worth the time and money? Well, I think you need to every few years just so you have something to remember you all by. If you are like me you have tons of photos but none with you in them. I wanted […]

The new teddy bear…puppy

Yes, I have officially lost it. I have yet another live being in my house that I have to clean up after. But who could say no to a face like this. The little princess in our house turns five in a few weeks. Both of the kids have been better than expected with the […]

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