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For Leontien…

Leontien and Me

On the day she would have turned 34, her family laid her to rest.       It still doesn’t seem real. It doesn’t seem right to see her family without Leontien too. And all the showering of love was evident throughout the room in the forms of flowers, pictures, cards, blankets and other gifts as we, those […]

My food tribute to Leontien

Bastiaan and Leontien

I know a lot of you have followed along with Leontien’s blog. I guess a day doesn’t go by that quite a few of us farmwives and friends pause to pray for her. Think of her. Text her. Smile about the gift she has been to us. I know sometimes we have all felt helpless […]

Hunk of Meat Monday: Baked Cheesy Beef Spaghetti

Baked cheesy beef spaghetti

So this friend of mine (we are friends in my mind) has this pretty amazing baked chicken spaghetti recipe. I decided to see if I could adjust it a bit to make it with ground beef instead of chicken this past week. And it was a successful new dish for ground beef. This dish becomes […]

Hunk of Meat Monday: Philly Cheese Steak Pizza

If any of you have a love for the cheesy goodness of Philly Cheesesteaks, you are not going to be able to resist this pizza. Yum! Of course you can make this with left over Italian Beef. I should just have a cookbook devoted to all you can do with the base of Italian Beef.I […]

Hunk of Meat Monday: Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole

A few weeks ago I made some lemon basil chicken. I made quite a bit since I was making it for a group of people to come over. Since I had the chicken grilled up I made up the PW’s grilled chicken with lemon basil pasta for the kids. Since the hubby was out of […]

Just add more butter…advice from the PW!

You know, I have a lot of women that I admire in my life. I have had strong women who have mentored me. Advised me. Cried with me. Drank with me. Got in trouble with me. OK, you get it. But, this whole blogging thing is really one woman’s fault. The PW’s. Almost a year […]

Crock Pot Beef and Noodles

beef and noodles in the slow cooker

Last week when I was out working at Dig IN, I got drawn in by the Indiana Artisan next to our booth selling homemade noodles. Well, I couldn’t just let these noodles just sit there in my pantry. So, I went and got a few roasts out of the freezer to throw in the crock […]

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