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What Summer Is Like in Indiana

Farm Windmill

When school gets out don’t we all have all these grand plans. Well, when you are in the country of Indiana this is what ends up happening. You get a puppy. Yes, he is a GoldenDoodle. His name is Moses. We call him Moe. But then, you have to deal with a sad little Checkers. […]

5 Gifts for the Foodie {or food, wine & coffee addict}

foodie christmas gift ideas

I am not a fancy cook. I just like food. A lot. I like good food with good wine. And let’s be honest, I am a coffee junky. I could live a long time without a lot of things, but coffee is not one of those things. While, I am not counting on getting any […]

I am Failing as a Mother

swimming practice

Am I alone or do you feel like you buy 742 pairs of socks and instead of having any in your the top dresser door, they are just strewn about begging to be matched up with their long lost soul mate? But instead of matching socks I spend approximately 264 minutes each week running my […]

Why farmers need crop insurance

feeding cattle corn

By now you have been asleep for two months if you haven’t noticed most of us are suffering from lots of heat and very little rain. Great for the grass (I couldn’t find my sarcasm font). Well, the news media has finally started picking up lots of stories about drying out corn fields. And we […]

Leah’s Summer Must Haves


I have realized this week, I have a few things I no longer can go without this summer, beginning with my FitFlop sandals. I got my first pair of fitflops when I went to Hawaii and loved them so much I knew I had a new pair for Florida. So, I got on my favorite […]

All in a week’s time

From last Wednesday till Monday night, here is a glimpse into what sights I have seen for work and a little play. From the U.S. Capitol to the … Famous Churchill Downs in Louisville to the … To the bat that Babe used to the … To the random water spray out of the sidewalk […]

Working Mom Wednesday: Do you bring work home?

As a working mom, I am always struggling with the work/life balance. I feel like it is a constant battle. I wish I could shut work off in my brain when I walked in the door, but I can’t shut it off. If you walked into my house and looked at our desk in the […]

Thankful Thursday: For the women in my life

Shew, what a day! What a week! It was my birthday week. Once you have a 3 in front of your age, birthdays really become less and less eventful. On my birthday, I spent the day traveling to Chicago with my IRL pals, Megan and Liz. While, I would like to say it was to […]

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