Leah’s Summer Must Haves


I have realized this week, I have a few things I no longer can go without this summer, beginning with my FitFlop sandals. I got my first pair of fitflops when I went to Hawaii and loved them so much I knew I had a new pair for Florida. So, I got on my favorite [...]

The Future of India

Those who traveled with me to India already know how enamored I was with the children. They were beautiful. Their faces are etched in my mind. The eyes of these children were intoxicating. The interactions with their own mothers made me miss my babies. You wonder what they are pondering. And wonder just how large [...]

All in a week’s time

From last Wednesday till Monday night, here is a glimpse into what sights I have seen for work and a little play. From the U.S. Capitol to the … Famous Churchill Downs in Louisville to the … To the bat that Babe used to the … To the random water spray out of the sidewalk [...]

Working Mom Travels, what I left at home…

A really messy fridge. I hope my children don’t get hurt from falling food or drink. These damn cookies from Aldi’s. Mainly because I already ate them all!!!! Two incredibly cute kids, sleeping all night. Did I mention Boo sang at church Sunday? He was so cute. But no fear, I have adult supervision while [...]

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